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Aroha Hathaway

Actor / Appearances / Voice

Age Range: 40— 50

Ethnicity: Maori, New Zealand

Based in: Auckland

Available in: Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Wellington

Height: 175cm

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Hair Colour: Auburn

Aroha Hathaway is a dynamic young woman with widef experience in varying fields. With a deep passion for interacting with people, her knack for socialising is infectious, and people warm to her for her bubbly personality and genuine enthusiasm for life.

Whilst at high school, Aroha travelled with the AFS exchange programme to Brazil - a highlight and turning point in her life - that she backed up by graduating from her high school at the top of her class. During this time she was introduced to the diverse and fascinating world of radio. She attended Victoria University where she studied law, Maori, politics and English literature.

She then went on to spend time in the education system as a tutor and teacher aid in between law and broadcasting.

Broadcasting is where she has made an impact in various roles. She has also been involved in staff training with The Radio Network where she has worked for the last 12 years - Radio Wairarapa, ZM and Flava.

She brought this valuable experience along with her personality to her role as an 'Auntie' on the Maori Television series Ask Your Auntie.

As well as presenting advertorials on Good Morning, Aroha also works as a presenter on Maori Television's Marae DIY, radio station ZM's nationwide broadcast and provides news and drive shows for Radio Waatea.

In yet another role, Aroha will be teaching up and coming radio hopefuls at the NZ Radio School.

Voice: Corporate / Documentary / Radio/TV Promo

Appearances: Panelist / Personal Appearances

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