Art imitates life

"Fact is always stranger than fiction, so if you didn’t know this movie was based on a true story, you wouldn’t believe it. That two women, one (Rachel), a white middle-class Auckland single mother of two, and one (Nikki), a Samoan-Kiwi filmmaker, should fall in love in this day and age, sounds fairly improbable but of course not impossible. Cupid strikes in the most unexpected places, be it on a Marae or in a Ponsonby restaurant, and the unfolding emotional roller coaster with all its comedic effects is a delight to watch on the big screen. Rachel, played by Robyn Paterson, is a commanding presence with an amazingly wide repertoire when it comes to emotional expression, while Nikki’s character (played by Hannah Martin) is more understated as the cool but mesmerising chick that plays hard to get but relents graciously in the end."

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