Screen industry stats 2018

The recently released annual Statistics New Zealand screen industry survey shows that screen revenue eased since the record high level it saw in the 2016-17 financial year.

Total screen industry revenue in the 2017-18 period was $3.3 billion.

“This year to year change is typical of the cyclical nature of the screen industry. Looking at the data over time, not just year on year, the screen sector shows sustained growth, ” says NZFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan.  “The 2018-19 year is already looking very strong.  Eight local feature films have already gone into production.  We also saw big increases in international series drama from late 2018.  So far 20 international features, drama and factual series have committed to New Zealand for the 2018-19 year.”

The survey shows increased regional production outside the main centres, particularly in the South Island.

Employment data reported in the survey shows an increase to the number of screen sector jobs, and people employed in the sector.

You can read the full survey here.